My interest in photography took off in high school when I attended Visual Communication program. Myself being a Fine-Arts student at the time within the program had lots to offer for art-base students. They cross all subjects from illustration, graphic design, and yes photography. For some strange reason Photography sounded like a new challenge to me, seeing by the time in my life I’ve already master graphic design & illustration. Some people would call me an over achiever, I guess. From there going into Visual Communications I begin to learn more and my interest went on a whole new level, which leading to today & evolving in a passion. Once I graduated High School I attended Plattsburgh College for a year and then move locally back to Utica NY and attended MVCC. Beginning the college year with Film Studies, I went through countless rolls of film trying to capture even single moment of my time. From film I took my passion and moved it into the digital world, which lead me to focus on creative portraits. Mid-way through college I decided to really get my feet wet and get real world experience. So for 2 years I spent that time being hired for designers from all over New York who reached out to collaborate photoshoots for their fashion-wear/shows. Why Fashion you ask? I loved abstract and things that don’t belong in my artwork and I was able to do so with Fashion Photography and express the creativity.

Overtime, as thing do – I felt that I was losing the thrilling thrive & the challenge wasn’t there anymore. One day I had an inquiry about documenting a couples wedding and I said “why not?”. Behold to find out after that day I completely moved onto the wedding photography train. What made me switch so fast was that, everything from start to finish had this documented love stories, and yes I am a suckers for love stories! Everything from the sad, the nervousness, the excited, the crying,  and mostly the family coming together so celebrate two souls merging into one, hits home to me. This absolutely made a personal connection with myself. I always felt family and being connected and sharing moments like this only make us stronger and in my case helps put that emotion into my work even better and sparks the creativity. With this being said, to this point and how I am where I got today would not have been possible without my mentor Janelle @ Janelle Rodriguez Photography aka the most amazing women EVER, who allowed me to shadow her and second shoot for the past 3 years.

So, long story short – photography has always had a connection in my life and always has been a big influencer. Since that moment, that how I became a photographer, more specifically a portraits & wedding photographer. The past 3 years have been a blessing and a challenge with being able to have the opportunity to capture a wedding couples special day. Overall, photography has completely challenge, fuels me, but most important photography is a part of me.

Evolution of my work from 2011 to Current:



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