Golden Hour Summer Vibes // New Hartford

I would like to thank my lovely + gorgeous baby sister, Liyah, for being an incredible model for me and taking time away from your crazy busy life so I got to spend more time to master this Golden Hour Amazing-ness last Friday evening. We needed to break out the camera and just let loose and have fun. I mean, it’s not all business all the time. With the adult life we knew this would be an opportunity it kick it like we use to. The adult life gets crazy , especially with Liyah, studying for Phlebotomy, exceeding in her nursing career, and working full-time. We haven’t had much bonding time or to catch up on what’s new with life, so what best by having her model for me! Even though she was hesitant, she broke out of her shell and worked the camera. This is the reason I love what I do, to break people out of their shell and have them see their true beauty, it makes my work worth it! So if you’re one of those people who are thinking “hey, I love to be photographed” but second guessing because you feel like you’ll be awkward…you haven’t met me, I’ll make sure I capture your beauty as you unfold naturally.




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