Productivity Hack!

Knock knock, Is this thing working?

Guys. I think I nailed it. I finally found the holy grail to all that has been driving me crazy lately. So let me start from the beginning. 👩🏼‍💻

Before the New Year began I ended the my wedding season feeling like I just hit the finish line out of breath. NEVER AGAIN. While all my other wonderful creatives are raving about how excited they are that it’s over and how calm it is and “what will they do with their time” – I’m over here still going like the energizer bunny! Don’t worry, eventually I got the rest I needed at the beginning of December and was able to enjoy the holiday with my family and friends. 

If you’re a photography and you don’t have a client management system…then you a crazyyyy. As the New Year was coming up, I decided to look into Client Management System. I’ve tried 17hats, Honeybook, ShootQ…..none of them had what I was looking for until I started my trial journey with Dubsado. Can you say GAME-CHANGER!!! I always like to test out the waters before fully being committed and yes Dubsado definitely did. Unlike the other Client Management Systems…it didn’t give me “30 Day trials” it game me 3 Job Trials….from beginning to end so I can get the full experience and you know what, that’s what sold me.

You’re probably saying “What did you just babbling on about?” Long story short, client experience just went up through the roof for both you and myself. Everything Is ALL-IN-ONE. From the day and time you inquire about my services and what I have to offer, to proposal, contracts, and payments…guess what? ALL ONLINE. ALL DIGITAL. 👇🏼


I’m so over paper and I’m sure you are too Dubsado has allowed me to improve you experience to have everything under one home with a little creative style. Hey I’m not that much of a party pooper, I like to through so creativity in my forms to keep the party alive! (You can thank their Management System for that). 💕


Overall, 2019 is the year my work hours are work and my personal is self-care. This is the year I hope you see exceptional service from me beyond then you expect. This is the year I can join my fellow creative at the finish line without being out of breath and calmly enjoy the holidays with my family and friends. At the end of the day, it isn’t about reinventing the wheel. It’s about adding little improvements to the wheel. For you creative business owners who want to give  Dubsado a spin Referral Code: LHS3 Pleaseeeee don’t fellow creative don’t have this happen to you and if this is you have a trial on me with using this referral 🙂


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